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Environmental issues

Vaka wants to promote improved environmental awareness at the University of Iceland. We want the University of Iceland to be a model and excel in matters related to environmental awareness. Among other things, we want to improve recycling within the university and in Student Gardens, increase the number of organic bins, improve follow-up by ensuring that sorted waste reaches the final destination, reduce plastic packaging in Háma and increase the use of natural, reusable tableware.

Improved environmental awareness of the University of Iceland

The University of Iceland is one of the largest workplaces in the country, and Vaka insists that as such it is a model when it comes to environmental awareness. Vika fights to ensure that the University of Iceland is environmentally friendly and that every way is sought to encourage staff and students to consider the environment.

Improved recycling within the university

Vaka wants increased emphasis to be placed on sorting waste among students and university staff, for example through increased education and other positive incentives. Sorting bins must be located as widely as possible, and deep containers should be located near as many student parks and university buildings as possible.

Increasing the number of organic bins in the university

Too much organic waste ends up in the black bins because in many places there are no organic bins at the school's sorting units. Vaka wants to improve that and increase the number of organic bins in all buildings of the university and in student gardens.

Improved follow-up with sorted waste reaching a terminal

Classification within the walls of the university is not enough if it is not followed in the future. Vaka wants it to be monitored that the sorted waste from the university returns to the right destination.

Reduce plastic packaging within the university

A lot of food and drinks are in plastic packaging, which is not environmentally friendly. Vaka wants to improve this and reduce plastic packaging. It is important that the use of multi-use equipment within the University of Iceland is encouraged in a positive way, thereby reducing the use of single-use equipment.

Increased use of reusable tableware in the university

A large amount of plastic cutlery is used at the University of Iceland. Vaka wants to reduce the use by improving access to reusable tableware and increasing the number of tables to put it away so that you don't have to walk long distances to return it. We have proposed to the Student Association to sell the plastic cutlery in order to prevent their increased use.

University parking fee

Vaka believes that in order for parking fees to work, the interests of all students must be taken into account. Minority groups within the school, such as parents, students from rural areas and students who do not have a lot of money in their hands, are hit hardest by the fee obligation. For this to work, the bus must update its route system and have more frequent and more routes to the university and to the campus. Similarly, the preferential decisions must take into account the interests of all students.

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