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History of the company

The beginning of the Vigil, its purpose and ideology

Vaka, an association of pro-democracy students, was founded in the spring months of 1935 or February 4. Its establishment took place during years of great upheaval, specifically the 40s of the last century, but in 1933 Félag Rótt wasmore University students founded, but its founders espoused socialist and communist values. In 1934, the association of nationalist students was founded, but it fought for nationalist values.

        Þá voru góð ráð dýr fyrir hinn lýðræðissinnaða stúdent, en mörgum þóttu mannréttindi and democracy trampled underfoot by the aforementioned associations, since both associations are radical. Then Vaka was founded, and Jóhann Hafstein, then a law student but later prime minister, was at the forefront of the group, and he was a significant force in the company's first years after its foundation.


It cannot be said that Vaka does not undergo changes, but there was a turning point in Vaka's work in the mid-1990s. Then Vaka started a fight to get politics out of the Students' interest struggle. But in the previous years, the Student Council had officially supported the Association of Military Opponents and published a special magazine to fight against the Álverin á Grundartanga. This wanted Vaka away.

        However, it should be noted that people should not would disagree with these political views. However, they believed that this was not directly related to students and that the interest struggle must be of a nature to protect the interests of students and promote a strong social life within the University.

        Ljóst er að þessar hugmyndir Vöku hafa gert það að verkum að Stúdentaráð hafi stopped sending out statements, completely unrelated to the students and was considered Vigilantes and is still considered a cause for celebration, since it is not the council's role to make political statements.

        This fact is also fully consistent with independent organizations. . It does not mean that people cannot have an opinion on current issues or politics, but rather that Vaka is a broad group of different opinions, with the common goal of promoting the better interests of students.

Vigil through time


Older interests

Vaka has always enjoyed great support among students and for most of his tenure led the work of the Student Council, but Vaka has chaired the Student Council 47 times in the last 94 years.

        Á þessum árum var Lánasjóður Íslenskra Námsmanna stofnaður, þ.e. in 1961, when Vaka was in the majority of the Student Council. Likewise, the Students' Association was established by law in 1968, at the initiative of the Student Council, and it marked a major turning point for the students of the University of Iceland. One of the main goals of the organization was to transfer more power into the hands of students, and it can be said that it has been successful, but FS runs, for example, Student Gardens, Kindergarten, Student Bookstore, Háma and Student Cellar.

        Eins var Vaka drifkraftur að stofnun Nýja Garðs sem og Hjónagarðanna, sem að was at one time a great step forward. When Nýi Garður was inaugurated in 1971, Vakulid had hopes of getting housing there, but that hope was quickly dashed. So Vaka continued to rent out premises here and there around town in order to maintain an office. It caused some problems, so the Vigilantes decided to buy a building in 1984, which has since been called the Vigil Home.


The home was located at Hverfisgatu 50 and was the club's home until 2003, when it was sold, due to the fact that the students' interest struggle had undergone some changes and the building was no longer considered necessary, but no doubt many thought that its last year would be in 1989 It's because then, after Vaka's victory party, the building caught fire, with the result that the interior was badly damaged. However, like Vakulið alone, the song was taken during the reconstruction of the home, so it was like new in the middle of summer in 1989.


Wake up in the 21st century

Vaka led the work of the Student Council in the years 2002 to 2005, and many policy issues of the organization were achieved then. In recent times, the University has grown rapidly, and therefore the Student Council's projects have become more numerous and comprehensive.           _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_           _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_         _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_        

        Vökuliðar hafa þó staðið vörð um hagsmuni nemenda líkt og aldrei fyrr, en they were the ones who undertook the task of scanning thousands of old exams, which led to the establishment of the school's exam library, which can now be found in the students' home area, Uglunn. It is also thanks to Vakulid that the opening hours of Þjóðarbókhlaður were extended considerably.

        Vökuliðar eiga jafnframt heiðurinn að því að Stúdentakortin litu dagsins ljós á árunum 2006 until 2007, but it was the then vice-chairman of Vaka and the student council team that programmed the maps and designed a system around them.

        The University of Iceland thanked us for the exchange of grades. but Vaka maintained the website, where students could monitor when teachers were obliged to submit their grades and when teachers had gone overtime, as well as the then chairman of SHÍ and Vakuliði sent a complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman, due to delays in their grade submissions, but as a result supervision was greatly improved.  

        Frá árinu 2009 hefur Vaka átt formann Stúdentaráðs og á þeim tíma hafa margir Interest victories have come to light, such as the construction of new student parks, but Oddagarðir opened in 2013.

        Eins vann Stúdentaráð dómsmál, sem það höfðaði gegn Lánasjóði Íslenskra Lánsmanna og íslenska the state in 2013, because SHÍ believed that the change in LÍN's allocation rules was illegal, and it was a huge victory for students.

In the end, Vaka, both in the form of the Vigilantes, as well as in the role of the Student Council, was the driving force behind the reopening of the Student Cellar. The Cellar or Skjallar, as it is called among people, reopened in December 2012 after a 5-year hiatus, but before that it had been in the cellar in Gamla Garði, where it operated for 32 years.


Looking to the future

A lot of water has flowed to the sea since the foundation of the association in 1935. People have come and gone, priorities have changed and society has changed, but the number of university students has increased from 167 to 13,054 during Vaka's tenure.

However, despite major changes, Vaka has always protected the interests of students, but does not see the end of the journey that Jóhann Hafstein and his colleagues embarked on 80 years ago.


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