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Equality matters

Equal access for all students to study at the University of Iceland must be guaranteed. Accessibility should be independent of gender, disability, disease, origin, economy, sexuality and gender identity. It is necessary to make sure that the employees and students of the school receive more education about the issues of gay people, as well as other marginalized groups, in order to prevent prejudice and increase understanding. Vaka will continue to fight for student equality at the University of Iceland, as equality in education is one of the fundamental prerequisites for an improved university community.

Equality for all

Vaka fights for equality for all students at the University of Iceland. Equal access to education for all students must be ensured. Accessibility should be independent of gender, race, age, disability, disease, origin, economy, sexuality, gender identity, etc. Vaka will continue to fight for the equality of students at the University of Iceland, as equality of learning is one of the basic conditions for an improved university community that leads to a better society.

HÍ's equality plan

We are working to ensure that the University of Iceland's equality program is followed. Vaka will provide restraint to the university's administration and push for the implementation of the plan.


Vaka takes a clear stance against gender-based and sexual harassment and violence. There has been an awareness in society following the #metoo revolution. Vaka welcomes the resources that the University of Iceland has already established, including procedures, Uglu's notification button and, moreover, the creation of the professional council that deals with issues concerning the university's staff and students. Vaka emphasizes that the resources will be better introduced to all students and staff of the university so that it is clear where to look when violations are committed. Vaka also believes that it is possible to do even better in this issue and demands that the University of Iceland take a clear stand against any form of discrimination and violence.

Period products

A vigil is being made for access to menstrual products in all the university's toilets. Vaka condemns the fact that menstrual products are not accessible inside the school's toilets when nature calls for time and time, and therefore Vaka demands that menstrual products are available in all buildings of the university, free of charge. However, Vaka encourages students who use menstrual products to choose more environmentally friendly alternatives, such as reusable menstrual products.

The countryside

Vaka requests that students be able to study regardless of where they live, including the possibility of distance learning. It is also necessary to ensure that the LÍN travel loan corresponds to the actual costs of studying away from university. Consideration could be given to introducing an equalization grant (rural grant) for those students who study away from their legal residence and family, similar to what is known in secondary schools. 

Vaka encourages the university to cooperate with transport companies and guest houses in the capital area, which could promote equality for everyone to study regardless of residence. This would accommodate distance learners, preferably in regular sessions. These changes would promote equality in education.

Psychological services

Vaka fights for increased psychological services within the University of Iceland. Vaka intends to strengthen the resources that are already available and that university students can use free of charge. In this way, we contribute to the improvement of the well-being of university students. Vaka believes that students are not sufficiently informed about this service and wants to draw even more attention to it. President Vaka's proposal regarding easier access to the university's psychological services, with a dedicated appointment booking button on Uglu, was unanimously approved at the Student Council meeting on September 25, 2019.

Use of test numbers

Vaka supports the use of test numbers as they are important to ensure equality of students and that they receive grades based only on the tasks or tests they solve. Exam numbers are mandatory at the university, but most departments make exceptions to their use. It is Vaka's policy that there is consistency between departments regarding the use of exam numbers.

Foreign students

Vaka wants access to education for students of foreign origin and students whose mother tongue is not Icelandic to be guaranteed. This includes, among other things, that accessible information about the program is available in different languages and that it is possible to take exams and do assignments in English. It is important that Icelandic and foreign students have the same opportunities to study.


In the winter of 2018-2019, the board of the Faculty of Education, on which Kolbrún Lára Vakuliði sat, agreed that students who have Icelandic as a second language and will take a written final exam in Icelandic will be allowed to have a dictionary in the exam and/or a longer exam time. We encourage other areas of the school to follow this example. (See more about Vaku's International Policy)

Vulnerable groups within the university

Vaka will fight to facilitate the step for displaced people to study at the University of Iceland. You often have to return a certificate of having completed school, but more often than not it is a case of schools that are in an occupied area, and therefore it can be difficult to access.

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