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Housing and facilities issues

Up to a thousand people are on the waiting list for student apartments every year, and many students find it difficult to put a roof over their heads. Vaka considers it unacceptable and wants more student apartments to be built on the university campus as soon as possible. We demand that the University of Iceland abide by the signed agreement for the construction of student apartments on the plot in front of Gamla Garð without delay and that more construction plots on the university campus be demarcated for student apartments.

Accessibility in the university buildings

Vaka requires that the university has access for all, but in many of the university's buildings, access is not available. If the university wants to fulfill its basic values, such as equality, there must be access for all in all the buildings of the school.

Students have access to classrooms

Vaka fights to ensure that students have free access to free classrooms against registration. A model of this kind can be found in other universities in the country, and Vaka is fighting for increased access for students of the University of Iceland to the school's existing facilities.

Hall to which student organizations have access

Vaka wants to ensure equality between student associations. It is common for individual associations to rent halls from the University of Iceland free of charge for events. Vaka fights to ensure that all student associations have the same access to those halls, because a large part of the expenses of student associations is often the rent of the hall. It is also important to ensure that all student associations within the university have access to an office or storage space for their work.

Reduce travel between buildings

Students often have to go between buildings during ten minute breaks. It is a hassle for students and it is often impossible to show up on time. Vaka wants students in direct study programs to only be in one building per day. A lot of travel between buildings can also be inhibiting for some students, especially if it is a travel between buildings that requires traveling long distances in bad weather and wind.

Group work facilities

Vaka emphasizes that it is easier for students to book rooms for group work and learning. It should be possible to book rooms in a simple way on Uglu.

Cabinet in all buildings

Vaka wants to increase the number of lockers in the university's buildings, but students should have access to a locker in all buildings. Vaka requires that locker space is included with the student cards and the lockers can be opened with the card. 

Department store on campus

Vaka wants to continue fighting to get a discount store on campus. It is unpleasant that university students are forced to shop for essentials at supermarket prices, and we want to facilitate university students' access to discount stores.

Health promoting university

Vaka wants to continue fighting for fully accessible gym facilities on campus. Vaka welcomes the arrival of World Class in Vatnsmýrina, but we will continue to fight for better conditions for students for physical education. We will also fight for better conditions for students at swimming pools in the capital area.

Access card to the university buildings

On the initiative of Vaka, access cards to the university's buildings were set up, but many students use them daily. Vigilantes programmed the maps into the form they are today.

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