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Students' Association

Improved access to Student Gardens

Work needs to be done systematically to improve access for students with disabilities in Student Parks, among other things in common spaces.

More student apartments

It is important that students always have easy access to student apartments. In 2016, when Vaka was in the majority, a contract was signed for 300 apartments at Gamla Garð and Mýrargarði, which opened this January. This is one of the biggest struggles of students over the years.

Property taxes on Student Gardens should be abolished in order to reduce rent

Vaka wants Student Gardens to be exempt from property taxes so that the Students' Association can lower the rent for students. With rising real estate prices, real estate taxes and rent for students also rise.

Equality of residents in the student parks

Vaka requires that residents of student parks have equal access to halls and facilities for use so that there is equality between residents. Residents would then be able to rent both halls in Skipholt and Mýrargörður equally.

Increased access to the Student Basement

Accessibility is very lacking in the Student Basement. For example, there is no access for people in wheelchairs to the bottom platform of the space, in front of the stage. Vaka wants everyone to have access to this important gathering place for students.

Apartment maintenance

It is important that apartments are maintained, but Vaka has noticed that there is a huge lack of maintenance in the apartments of the Students' Association.

Deep containers

Vaka believes that the introduction of deep containers at as many student parks as possible contributes to improved recycling by residents. Sorting bins fill up quickly, making it difficult for residents to recycle.

Packaging in Hámu is marked in the same color as the appropriate sorting bins

The work is underway to see if it is possible to mark the packaging of what is sold in Háma in the same color as the bin in which it is to go.

Increased availability of vegetarian and vegan dishes in Hámu

Vaka welcomes the increased selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes, but fights for equal access to them between the university's buildings. Unfortunately, that is not the case, but there should be equal green space options in Háma in all the school's buildings.

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