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Accessibility issues

Vaka considers it unacceptable that the university continues its activities without major improvements being made in terms of accessibility. As an example of improvements we could mention access to the university's buildings, students should be able to walk to the point of being able to spend time in the school's buildings regardless of their own circumstances. We can also mention the fact that students at UI are not met where they are, attendance is still compulsory in many courses and even though students have exemptions, teachers are not necessarily ready to accommodate them, for example with recordings during lessons.

Improved accessibility in the university's buildings

Vaka has fought hard for improved access to the university's buildings, toilets and other spaces in recent semesters and will continue to do so. The university is supposed to be for everyone and it is unfortunate that access is not available in all buildings. In some places, for example in Stakkahlíð, there are doors that are difficult for people in wheelchairs to open. In other places, toilets, corridors or lifts are too narrow. Some classrooms are also arranged in such a way that not everyone can get a seat, for example when tables and chairs are fixed together as a unit. Vaka fights hard for accessibility for all. Improved access to the spaces that the Student Association takes care of, such as the Student Cellar and the buildings of the Student Gardens, must also be demanded.

Student associations and committees within the university ensure accessibility at events

Social life and gatherings are a large part of university education and it is important to ensure that everyone has access to it. This includes, among other things, considering accessibility in scientific trips, gatherings, annual festivals, conferences and trips abroad. Consider that a guide to accessibility and equality in science trips could be prepared for all student associations in order to help them implement this.

Living rooms and areas are marked with braille

Make sure that busy areas are marked with Braille. Vaka will continue to fight for areas, such as elevators and living rooms, to be marked with Braille.

Improved access to buildings for the blind and visually impaired

Access for the blind and visually impaired to the university's buildings is significantly reduced, especially at Háskóltorgi. Establishing guidelines has been discussed for a long time, but it has not materialized. Vaka demands that accessibility for the blind and visually impaired be improved.

Access to education for the deaf and hard of hearing

Vaka wants the deaf to have access to education. This includes, among other things, making sure that sign language is available in lessons, either with a person accompanying the person in class or with another service provided by the university. Vaku also thinks it is important that resources are available for people with impaired hearing. It is already offered for the hearing impaired to have a sign language interpreter with them in lessons, but this is subject to limitations and it is important to improve.

Specific study resources

Students should have access to the specific learning resources available throughout the semester, not just during final exams. Teachers also need to be more aware of complying with agreements regarding resources, and attention needs to be drawn to the possibility of changing the agreements every semester.

Access to notepads

Within the university, there is a note buddy system that students with special learning needs have access to. There, students can receive notes from a fellow student, who then receives a fee for it. There is a shortage of note takers and Vaka thinks it is necessary to review the system. Notes are now stored in a database between years, but Vaka believes it is necessary to establish peer education, as the system is poorly presented to students and many do not know how both parties benefit from the system.

Students can register their status with regard to accessibility

You can now register your status with regard to accessibility at the UI's study and career counseling. Vaka welcomes that, but believes it is important that attention is paid to this so that students know that this resource is available.

Access to lecture recordings throughout the semester

Vaka requires that electronic study material be available throughout the semester, to promote student progress in exam preparation and to accommodate students who cannot attend lectures due to their circumstances.

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