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What does Vaka do?

Vaku's representatives within the Student Council

Vaka's representatives in the Student Council of the University of Iceland

Dagur Kárason (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Bergrún Anna Birkisdóttir (Faculty of Education)


Vaka's representatives in the field councils


Ellen Geirsdóttir Håkansson (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Kamila Antonina Tarnowska (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Sóley Arna Friðriksdóttir (Faculty of Education)

Laufey Lind Sigþórsdóttir McClure (Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences)

Magnús Orri Magnússon (Faculty of Humanities)

Vaku's representatives in the committees of the Student Council

International Committee

Kamila Antonina Tarnowska and Guðrún Elsa Gunnarsdóttir

Social and cultural committee

Arent Orri Jónsson and Skarphéðinn Finnbogason

Finance and Economic Affairs Committee

Birta Karen Tryggvadóttir (President) and Guðrún Elsa Gunnarsdóttir

Family Committee

Jóna Guðbjörg Ágústsdóttir (President) and Ólína Lind Sigurðardóttir

Equality Committee

Kristbjörg Eva Andersen Ramos and Lena Stefánsdóttir

Education Committee

Sóley Arna Friðriksdóttir

Law Amendment Committee

Lenya Rún Taha Karim and Þorgerður Julía Halldórsdóttir

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee

Friðrik Hreinn Sigurðsson

Environment and Transport Committee

Kamila Antonina Tarnowska and Jón Gunnar Hannesson

​More information about the Student Council of the University of Iceland can be accessed on the company's

Vaka's board of directors


Vaka's board of directors is elected by the Vaku members at the association's general meeting, every spring.



The chairman's role is to convene board meetings and manage them and ensure that all board members fulfill their duties as such. The chairman supervises the company's activities and that its laws and bylaws are followed. The chairman is also responsible for all published material of the company.



The vice-chairman is the chairman's deputy in his absence and is also in charge of publishing the company's laws. The vice-chairman   keeps track of Vaka's membership and takes care of its renewal.



The secretary keeps the minutes of the board's meetings and meetings organized by the company and preserves all published material of the company.



The treasurer takes care of Vaka's finances.


Publishing director

The publishing director oversees all of Vaka's publications and ensures that a special election magazine is always published that presents Vaka's policy and list of candidates in the University and Student Council elections. The publishing manager also takes care of the website.


Event manager

The event manager is in charge of all entertainment organized by the company.


Marketing representative

The marketing representative is responsible for the published content not going against Vaka's values and viewpoints and is responsible for the company's image on broadcasting media, such as social media.



Co-directors share tasks in consultation with the board.



Vaka's spokesperson is elected by the general meeting. The spokesperson oversees Vaka's case work vis-à-vis the Student Council and is Vaka's liaison with the Student Council.

The current board of directors can be seen here 


Committees Vigil

Within Vaku there are diverse and fun committees. Participating in them is a great way to get to know the inner workings of the movement.


International Committee

The International Committee is responsible for introducing the activities of Vaka to foreign students and encouraging them to participate in the movement's internal activities.


Marketing Committee

The role of the marketing committee is basically divided into three. The committee is mainly responsible for making Vaka visible on all major social media, but the committee is also responsible for the movement's fundraising and merch design.


Subject Committee

The issues committee is in charge of the movement's issue work. She shapes Vaka's direction.


Writing Committee

Vaka publishes two newspapers every school year – Glaðvakandi in the fall semester and the election magazine in the  spring semester. The editorial board is responsible for publishing these publications as well as proofreading and translating articles and other material published by Vaka.


Entertainment Committee

Vaka has long been known for its events, but it is the entertainment committee that organizes, executes and manages these events.

Events of the Vigil


  • Vigil outdoors

Fall semester

  • Party for Oktoberfest

  • Version Gladvakandi

  • Release party Gladly awake

  • Vaku's autumn trip

  • Graduation party

Spring semester

  • Election campaign

  • Dunkfest Vaku

  • ​Vacu election newspaper Vaku

  • Elections to the Student Council

  • General meeting of Vaku

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many events have been canceled but will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

Updated Fall 2022

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