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Queer issues

Our society in Iceland is diverse, and it is Vaku's wish that the environment and practices of the University of Iceland reflect that. The demands presented in this queer policy are many, but their common goal is to make the university a safer, more accessible and better place for all students, regardless of sexuality, gender identity, gender expression, etc. 

The policy's focus points include the free registration of gender on Uglu, queer education for teachers, an emphasis on language that allows for all individuals and an increased selection of courses in queer studies. 

The university should be a safe and open work environment that treats everyone equally, both students and staff - if it is Vaku's wish that this be ensured as soon as possible!

Eradication of heterosexuality and gender binary

Vaka wants to eradicate harmful gender dualism within the University of Iceland and promote systemic and institutional changes towards increased awareness of diversity. This includes, among other things, making allowances for gay people in lessons, study materials, projects, in research within the university and in the courses offered.

Free gender registration

Vaka requires consideration of trans and transgender students when registering at Uglu. Vaka wants students to be able to register the gender that matches their gender identity, regardless of how they are registered in the National Register. Now in the coming seasons, a system is to be implemented in accordance with the law on sexual autonomy no. 80/2019 and Vaka will fight for the introduction of a registration system in accordance with the law within the university. Gender registration should offer more options than just male or female. Vaka is open to exploring more possibilities for different gender registrations in consultation with the Q-company and other interested parties.

Genderless toilet

Vaka wants at least one toilet in each building of the university to be unmarked for a specific gender. Vaka believes it is important that everyone is guaranteed a safe and accessible space within the university, regardless of gender or gender identity.

Queer education

Vika fights to ensure that teachers and other school staff are educated about the issues of gay people. It is important that the university as a whole is aware of the developments taking place in society. Then, the focus of the school's teaching and policies must be in  accordance with the development of society. Vaka intends to, in collaboration with UI administrators, explore the possibility of establishing a course aimed at the issues of gay people, for example, through Teacher Training. Vaka wants to encourage course supervisors to introduce queer studies and thus raise students' interest and awareness of the importance and diverse uses of the studies.


Vaka draws attention to the importance of teachers and other university employees adopting a discourse that allows for gender diversity and queerness in general. The university must be for everyone, both in language and actions. The use of language can make a big difference when it comes to ensuring that everyone is taken into account in speech and writing. A discourse that does not allow for the diversity of humanity is discriminatory and perpetuates outdated stereotypes about the nature of society and queer individuals.

Queer theory in teaching

Vaka demands that queer studies be made a separate subject within the University of Iceland. Vaka believes it is imperative that queer studies be available to all students, regardless of their field of study.

The visibility of the Q-company

Vaka intends to promote the visibility of the Q company. By promoting the company's visibility and thereby promoting queer education. The university must stand with associations such as the Q-association in order to promote education and actions in the interest of this issue.

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