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Doctoral studies

The livelihood of doctoral students at the University of Iceland and their access to the university's housing must be guaranteed.  The salary of doctoral students as part-time teachers must be increased and doctoral students must not be discriminated against when granting grants.


Students in a doctoral program often have little or no chance of supporting themselves and their family as they have taken out student loans for too many years. In addition, most of them teach part-time at UI for too low a salary. The number of credits for doctoral students in each semester is different, and therefore it is difficult to rely on returning credits to LÍN. Many doctoral students are also struggling to pay off their student loans despite still being registered students at the school. Vaka wants to make sure that the rules at LÍN concerning doctoral students are changed and that their salaries as part-time teachers are increased.


Doctoral students often do not have the option of getting rented apartments near student parks, as they have fulfilled the set criteria for the number of years they can live there, and they have more difficulty submitting a sufficient number of credits each semester due to the organization of the program. Doctoral students pay registration fees just like other students at the University of Iceland and therefore have the same rights as undergraduate or master's students. It must be ensured that doctoral students are not discriminated against in the allocation of grants from the University Fund. Applications must be evaluated on merit and not on the instructor's career. In addition, it is necessary to promote increased support for doctoral students when applying for grants.

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