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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
School of Engineering and Natural Sciences


Vaku's offer list at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences 2022

1. María Árnadóttir, Mechanical Engineering

2. Margrét Ásta Finnbjörnsdóttir, Industrial Engineering

3. Friðrik Hreinn Sigurðsson, Computer Science

Vaku's candidates at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences


María Árnadottir

Mechanical engineering


Margrét Ásta Finnbjörnsdóttir

Industrial Engineering


Friðrik Hreinn Sigurðsson

Computer science

Policy Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Dual learning 

Vaka wants to fight for both on-site and distance learning. That all lessons can be accessed electronically in good quality in an accessible way. It is that all the notes of the class appear and that a student who attends the program at home is even placed and the one who is in the classroom.

Mixing two teaching methods, local and distance learning, gives students an increased opportunity to manage their day better. In this way, all students are given equal access to learning. 


Peer assessment 

The word teamwork implies that a project is worked on in a group and the contribution of team members is equal. The pressure should not fall on the students who want to do their best, but cooperation must take place. By submitting a peer assessment after each group project, it is possible to promote a more distributed load between students. With peer assessment, the course teacher can intervene and evaluate the student's grade so that the grade corresponds to the work contribution.


Midterm exams 

How many times have midterm surveys been reviewed and then nothing changed? Vaka wants to promote that mid-semester surveys are better followed and that more attention is paid to negative criticisms received from students. Teachers review the criticism but do not necessarily change their teaching methods according to the comments. A possible solution is for a third party to review comments and assist teachers in dividing the issues that are important to students. In this way, it is possible to ensure that work is being done to find ways to improve the arrangement of the course.


The facilities in VR-II 

Vaka intends to improve the facilities in the reading room in  VR-II.  The aim is to provide decent and comfortable chairs both in the classrooms and in the reading room, thus contributing to increased student comfort during learning. Most students who spend time in VR-II can agree that it is time to replace the chairs and tables in the building. Furthermore, we will fight for access to empty refrigerators in buildings that students have access to. Students who bring a lunch to school can keep their lunch there during the day. Accessibility to the premises needs to be improved, but special emphasis needs to be placed on accessibility in practical classrooms. Campus buildings must be accessible to all students.


Food selection

Vaka wants to increase the range of food products and ensure access to healthier and better options in vending machines, where students study all day long. It is then possible to prevent students from being forced to rely on the selection offered by the vending machines in the buildings. It would also be nice to install a water machine, as the previous Vaka candidates suggested last year.  


Recreation in university buildings

We want to see a variety of entertainment in the buildings of the University of Iceland to enable students to take a proper study break. A kind of recreation room would then be established, where access could include, among other things, a table tennis table, board games and a proper sofa. How nice it would be to be able to take a break from heavy studies or between lessons and play table tennis or cards!


Matters of interest


Instead of the fifth and last place in the SHÍ committees being open to all students, we want there to be 3 seats in each committee that are completely open. Then the president and vice-president will be from the factions that make up SHÍ, but the rest can be any student.

Get to know each other

Vaku's policy

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