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Faculty of Health Sciences
School of Health science


Vaku's offer list at the Faculty of Health Sciences 2022

1. Telma Rún Magnúsdóttir, pharmacy

2. Jóna Margrét Hlynsdóttir Arndal, dentistry

3. Freyja Ósk Þórisdóttir, nursing

Vaku's candidates in the Faculty of Health Sciences


Telma Rún Magnúsdóttir



Jóna Margrét Hlynsdóttir Arndal



Freyja Ósk Þórisdóttir


Policy of the Faculty of Health Sciences

Lecture recording 

The university has demonstrated in practice over the past two years that equipment for distance learning is available and it has been successful in transferring part of the teaching to an electronic form. That's why we at Vaka want to ensure that teachers will be obliged to record lectures so that the university is accessible to everyone. 


More selection in Hámu and longer opening hours

There is little vegan selection in the range's buildings, but Vaka insists that vegan products can be obtained in Háma in all home buildings. Hámu is only open until 14:00 during the day, but we at Vaka want these opening hours to be extended.


Reading and group work facilities

Let's simplify the process for students to reserve lounges or meeting rooms for group work. Students should have unrestricted access to classrooms outside of class, as is the case in other schools. Facilities in existing reading rooms need to be improved, but there is a lack of space in reading rooms and there are no group work facilities in many buildings.


Paid internship

Vaku considers it unacceptable that students are in compulsory unpaid internships at master's level. We think it is out of step with the times that students in the master's program at the Faculty of Health Sciences are used as low-paid and unpaid labor in health institutions. Vaka wants the students' education to be valued in their work.


Coordination of workload and unit count

There is often a large discrepancy between the workload and the number of units, especially in practical courses or courses that are both practical and theoretical. Vaka demands that this be changed and that the workload be aligned with the number of units.


Coordinate medical studies with other study programs of the Faculty of Health Sciences

Vaka wants to fight for the school year in medicine to be in line with other fields. Vaka wants to shorten the year in medicine so that it starts and ends at the same time as other study programs. This would be done in consultation with the students.


Clinical studies

The workload of students in clinical studies is far too much and needs to be managed better, as people's basic rights are not respected. There is little or no scope for illness or unexpected events during apprenticeship. Vaka wants to increase flexibility in clinical studies by setting a ceiling on how many hours a week a student must deliver in clinical studies, as well as that rest periods are respected.


Abolish the fee obligation for students in Landspítal's parking lots

Vaka wants to demand that students who do not have the means to use other means of transport than a private car and are studying in the area of Landspítalin get an exception from the obligation to pay in those areas. Either by providing them with a special parking card, access to staff parking or a parking subsidy each semester.

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Vaku's policy

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