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International affairs

Vaka emphasizes that all students of the University of Iceland have equal access to full participation in the university community, regardless of whether the students are nationals or how long they study. It is also important that the exchange program is accessible to all departments and that its presentation is both accessible and visible.


Vaka emphasizes that international students and domestic students have equal rights. Everyone can participate in studies and social activities, including in student associations and interest groups. The flow of information to international students needs to be improved and ensure that all information is translated into English and even more languages.

Access to housing

Vaka fights to ensure that international students have equal opportunities regardless of what course they study or how long they study at the University of Iceland. International students should get easier access to housing upon arrival in Iceland, a bus pass and health insurance.

Exchange study

Vaka requires that students in all departments have the option of doing exchange studies in their undergraduate studies, and the number of courses and study programs must be increased where possible.

Introduction to exchange studies

Vaka believes it is necessary to better publicize the possibility of exchange studies and suggests holding presentations, similar to the International Square, where former exchange students talk to students of the University of Iceland and share their experiences of such studies. It is suggested that such a presentation should be on University Day.

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