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Faculty of Social Sciences
School of Social Sciences


Vaku's offer list at the Faculty of Social Sciences 2022

1. Dagur Kárason, political science

2. Axel Jónsson, social work

3. Embla Ásgeirsdóttir, law

4. Iðunn Hafsteins, business administration

5. Logi Stefánsson, business administration

Vaku's candidates for the Faculty of Social Sciences


Dagur Kárason

Political science


Axel Jonsson

Social counseling


Embla Ásgeirsdóttir



Iðunn Hafsteinsdóttir

Business Administration

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Logi Stefánsson

Business Administration

Policy of the Faculty of Social Sciences

Better information flow and accessibility

We at Väka consider it extremely important that there is a good flow of information both between students and teachers as well as between students and student associations. It must be clear for all students where to attend and when, whether it is a lesson or an event organized by a student association. 


Access to teaching materials

After the Covid-19 epidemic, the University has demonstrated that it is easy to implement digital teaching with recordings of lectures and that courses are taught both on site and streamed online. Vaku has received many complaints that when the domestic restrictions were lifted, teachers often thought it was unnecessary, which we disagree with. University students should not have to fall behind in their studies due to illness or personal reasons that do not allow them to attend local classes. There should be a better organization regarding recordings during classes, and recordings should be available right up until exam time. The setting up of electronic lessons and the arrangement of recorded lectures should be a permanent part of the responsibility of one organizational unit that ensures the progress of those matters.


Your comments

The Student Council has the task of fighting for the interests of students, and with that comes a huge responsibility and commitment. It is the school's students who have to demand changes in certain matters, which can be difficult because there seems to be too much separation between the student councils. You can always contact them by sending an email, but we think we can do better. A much simpler way to convey ideas and suggestions would be to set up a QR code throughout the school and by reading it, you could send in questions.


Organization of courses

The organization of courses must have room for change, it only takes one week to put the lesson plan aside due to illness, and therefore it must be possible to assume that something will go wrong at some point. It is not acceptable that students have to sacrifice their own commitments because the teacher did not allow, for example, one week to work up what is needed.


Environmental issues

The school has made huge strides in environmental matters recently when it comes to classification, but there is always room for improvement! Even then, there is a lot of use of plastic packaging in Hámu in times where this is simply unacceptable, and it is no worse to use cardboard packaging around the other and this is a much more renewable material. Access to sorting bins throughout the school could also be improved in that way by better informing students about what should be sorted and how.

Get to know each other

Vaku's policy

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