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University Council

Vaku's offer to the University Council for 2022 - 2024

The University Council is the highest governing body of the university and is appointed according to the Act on Public Universities. The University Council sets the direction of the university and has decision-making authority in the affairs of the school. The University Council meets monthly and makes strategic decisions. The administration and finances of the school are the responsibility of the University Council. All kinds of important decisions are made in the university council and controversial issues can arise. Students have two representatives in the University Council who are elected for two years at a time. This year, the university council is being elected, so we have cool and presentable candidates.


Vaka wants a chance to get a seat at the table, history has shown that Vaka is not afraid to take a decisive stand and do the work on behalf of students. 


Dear student, give us a chance to make an impact!

Vaka wants an opportunity to get a seat at the table, history has shown that Vaka is not afraid to take a decisive stance on behalf of students and take action.


Dear student, give us a chance to make an impact!

Candidates for the University Council 2022


1st place - Birta Karen Tryggvadóttir

I am 21 years old and studying economics. In the University Council, I would like to  focus on providing restraint to the creation of the university's financial model. It is important to plan the university's finances with the efficiency and quality of studies as a guide. It is imperative that all students have a strong advocate within the University Council. I am not afraid to work hard for the students at the University of Iceland. I therefore ask for your support, dear voter, to give me the opportunity to influence the University Council on your behalf.



2nd place -  Magnea Gná Jóhannsdóttir

Magnea Gná Jóhannsdóttir is 24 years old and studying for a master's degree in law. I want to continue to build a strong university where everyone can flourish in their studies, regardless of facilities, place of residence or economic status. The university should be a leading force in Icelandic society and contribute to increased development and innovation. People's access to diverse studies must be guaranteed and students must be supported. I want to enter the university council with positivity, cooperation and the interests of students as a guide. It is important that students have a powerful advocate they can turn to, so I encourage you all to contact the student and university council members about the issues that concern you.

3rd place - Jóna Guðbjörg Ágústsdóttir 

4th place - Ellen Geirsdóttir Håkanson

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